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How Sedation Dentistry Can Help Children’s Dental Anxiety and Phobia

Dental care for children is essential for protecting young teeth and ensuring they grow and stay strong into adulthood. Book your first dental visit soon after the first baby tooth appears and regularly follow up with our Princeton Pediatric Dentist. As you periodically visit our Princeton New Jersey office, we’ll help you find out whether your child is afraid of any procedure, has trouble staying still, or finds it difficult to go through the sessions. When this happens, we may

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How Often Should You Schedule Pediatric Dental Check-ups? Pediatric Dental Check-Ups in Princeton. MPD. Pediatric, Restorative, Preventative Dentistry in Princeton, NJ 08540 Call:609-454-3722

How Often Should You Schedule Pediatric Dental Check-ups?

As a responsible parent, you want to ensure you maintain your child’s dental health to the highest level. Many parents ask: How often should I take my child for pediatric dental check-ups?  We’ll help you answer any questions about your child’s dental health. With a team of caring professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care for children, Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry ensures that every visit is a positive experience. Scheduling a consultation is just a phone call or click away,

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How Often Should You Get a Fluoride Treatment For Kids? Fluoride Treatment For Kids in Princeton. MPD. Pediatric, Restorative, Preventative Dentistry in Princeton, NJ 08540 Call:609-454-3722 New Patients Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry dentist in Princeton, NJ Dr. Christina Ciano Dr. Geena Russo Dr. Jammal

How Often Should You Get a Fluoride Treatment For Kids?

Fluoride treatment for kids is a cornerstone of pediatric dentistry. Its application has proven to be a key player in protecting children’s teeth from decay. Understanding the optimal frequency for this treatment is crucial in maintaining children’s oral health.  As caregivers, we walk a fine line between ensuring our children receive the maximum benefits of fluoride and overexposure, often due to misinformation. We can help you cut through the myths and misgivings to offer a concrete view of the ideal

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Friendly Dentist for Kids in Princeton, NJ

Because the tooth structure of an infant’s teeth is significantly different from that of adult teeth, children’s dentistry differs from general dentistry. Children need a pediatric dentist to receive care for their baby teeth and help them prepare for healthy adult teeth. We have various procedures designed exclusively for children at Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry. While children are still young, it is critical to assist them in developing appropriate dental hygiene habits. Developing dental practices while they are young will aid

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Frenectomy in Princeton, NJ

Approximately 10% of children are born with frenum restriction, sometimes known as tongue-tie or lip-tie. Lip and tongue ties are very frequent in children, and if they are present, they should be addressed to avoid problems with feeding, speech, and oral development. Fortunately, our pediatric dentists can complete the frenectomy and release the tongue with minimum bleeding and healing time, thanks to the use of a laser. What is a Frenectomy? A frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure in which

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Why Your Child Needs a Specialized Dentist Pediatric Dentist in Princeton. Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric, Restorative, Preventative Dentistry in Princeton, NJ. 609-454-3722 Montgomery Pediatric Dr. Christina Ciano, Dr. Geena Russo, or Dr. Dinah Jamma and their team.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Princeton, NJ

Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry is your emergency pediatric dentist in Princeton NJ, that can help your child in a dental emergency. Our team of specialists has years of experience helping children with dental emergencies. We know how to make them feel better and quickly get them on the path to recovery. Existing patients can call our after-hours emergency number to speak with a dentist in an emergency. When calling our office after hours at 609-454-3722, you can hear this number on the answering machine. You want

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