Dental Crowns for Kids

To prevent cavities and decay in your child’s mouth from spreading, it is essential to be seen by a pediatric dental professional to remove the decay. At Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry we have helped many children of Princeton, New Jersey, remove cavities and get dental crowns. In some cases where decay or cavities aren’t caught quickly, decay can spread throughout the entire tooth. To restore these teeth that have major cavities, we recommend getting dental crowns.


Dental Crowns

When you hear the word crown you think of a piece of royal jewelry or a cap that goes onto the head of a royal individual, it’s the same with dental crowns! Dental crowns are custom-made artificial caps that are placed onto an existing anchor piece of a previously decayed tooth.

In receiving a crown, the dentist will need to remove all infected parts of the tooth with the cavity. Usually, if a crown is needed, the cavity is pretty severe and is spread throughout the visible part of a tooth. Once removing the decay, what’s left of the natural tooth won’t look like a natural tooth and will need a cap or a crown to make it look natural and to protect the root.

Although this seems like a pretty complicated procedure, it is very common and very beneficial for the patient. Some benefits of receiving a dental crown include:

After removing the decay, what is left can’t stay healthy without a crown, having a crown protects the remaining tooth

Crowns are bonded to the anchoring piece of the natural tooth, making the crown a permanent restoration

Having major tooth restorations such as a dental crown can bring a child and even their parents some stress or anxiety. At Montgomery Pediatric Dentistry we make a point to be sure our patients and their parents are educated about the procedure and feel comfortable in our office. If you would like to learn more or have any questions for us, please contact our office here in Princeton, New Jersey.